The abi Transition Year Workshop

Better than Bullying! is a comprehensive half-day workshop for transition year students focused on building resilience and empowering students to find their own voices in their social groups.

The workshop reveals the myths that surround bullying behaviour, and gives students crystal clear pathways that guide them away from repeated aggression within their social groups. Students learn what empowerment is and how to make prosocial choices that enhance their resilience, mental health, wellbeing and relationships.

Better than Bullying! is a stimulating mix of presentation, discussion and group work.

The workshop is in compliance with Department of Education Anti-Bullying Guidelines 2013 and supports SPHE, CPSE and RSE syllabi.

For bookings, contact Monica Monahan at or call 087 2694369.

Better than Bullying! is a half-day awareness-raising & empowerment workshop than can be delivered to TY groups of any size.

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