Taking the Drama out of Anti-Bullying

  • The abi Programme makes anti-bullying a regular part of the school's overall policy for promoting a positive social learning environment, mental health and wellbeing by providing training and guidance on how to create and implement an effective, sustainable Whole School Anti-Bullying Policy.
  • Climate testing of students followed by detailed recommendations report with graphics of numbers and statistics that compare individual class and school data with other schools and national averages. The results are also used for before/after comparisons to measure how effective implementation of the Programme is.
  • Quality training for teachers and students in origins of bullying behaviour and strategy for detecting and resolving bullying situations using a No-Blame, No-Anger approach.
  • Information Seminar/ Open Evening(s) for parents on origins of bullying behaviour and workings of the abi Programme.
  • Regular advice on prevention strategies and teaching resources, including monthly activities modules that teachers can easily implement in the classroom.
  • In keeping with DES Anti-Bullying Guidelines, covering all nine principles outlined by the Anti-Bullying Working Group as being necessary to underpin a school’s approach to preventing and tackling bullying.
  • Participation Certificates for teachers attending.

Contact Monica Monahan on 087 269 4369 for details on how the abi Programme can be implemented this school year in your school.

Staff, Student & Parent Events

The abi Programme is available as a series of whole school planning events in keeping with Haddington Road provisions for the further education of teachers, combined with classroom awareness raising exercises and information and consultation events for parents.

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