Anti-Bullying: Pathways to Growth & Learning

abi designs and delivers evidence-based quality training and consultation in best anti-bullying practice to schools all round Ireland.

  • Implementing Department of Education Guidelines and the DES nine-principal approach.
  • Data Harvesting, detailed class-by-class analysis of school climate and actionalbe reporting.
  • Awareness Raising & Bystander Training. The anatomy of bullying relationships in the school setting.
  • Disclosure strategies & tools. Best practice for the disclosure & investigation of bullying issues. No-Anger, No-Blame handling strategies and sanction options. Achieving resolution and growthful outcomes.
  • Prevention. Promoting an organisational culture of anti-bullying, including transparent communication and coordination structures. Agreeing and implementing an effective anti-bullying policy.

Contact us if you are wondering how your school can best deal with issues of prevention or processing complaints relating to bullying.

The abi Programme is a year-round training and consultancy package.
Better than Bullying! is a transition year workshop.
Individualised programmes and single interventions available on request.



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