Pathways to Growth & Learning

abi designs and delivers evidence-based quality training and consultation in best anti-bullying practice to schools throughout Ireland. Department of Education Guidelines are implemented along with the DES nine-principle approach.

  • Best practice for the disclosure & investigation of bullying issues. Providing disclosure strategies & investigative tools.
  • Data Harvesting. Detailed class-by-class analysis of school climate and actionable reporting. Defining the anatomy of bullying relationships in the school setting.
  • No-Anger, No-Blame handling strategies and sanction options.
  • Achieving Resolution and growthful outcomes.
  • Prevention. Promoting an organisational culture of anti-bullying, including transparent communication and coordination structures.
  • Raising of Awareness and Bystander Training.
  • Agreeing and implementing an Effective Anti-Bullying Policy.

Contact us if you are wondering how your school can best deal with issues of prevention or processing complaints relating to bullying.

The abi Programme is a year-round training and consultancy package.

For schools that are unable to commit 2 days to the full abi Programme, we offer abi Light Interventions for Bullying Behaviours.

Based on the latest scientific findings, full of practical advice and a specific To Do list, abi Light Interventions raises and heightens awareness and is the ideal introductory input for teaching staff and management. Since launching abi Light Interventions in early 2017, this compact training module has become a preferred entry point for many schools that are considering their options on how to get started with their anti-bullying policy.

Training in abi Light Interventions takes place with all staff in an after-school Croke Park session or within school time with a selected group of staff.

We also specialise in Individualised programmes and custom interventions.

Better than Bullying! is a popular annual workshop event specifically designed for Transition Year Students.

Please contact us at 087 2694369 for further information and bookings.

The abi Programme is a year-round training and consultancy package.
Better than Bullying! is a transition year workshop.
Individualised programmes and single interventions available on request.



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