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The MindEm Programme

abi launches Anti-Bullying & Wellbeing Programme for Early Years & After School Care Providers

Bullying behaviour amongst young children is a critically challenging issue for Education and Childcare Providers. In the absence of national guidelines for dealing with bullying complaints in childcare facilities, providers have been attempting to deal with escalated issues which often stray into threats of legal action. With the right mechanisms in place, these issues should never reach stat stage.

International experts in the anti-bullying field tell us that the earlier children develop skills to express their needs in a positive way, the less they are at risk of feeling frustration, anxiety and inadequacy and suffering from depression. When children don't understand how to positively assert themselves, show resilience and stand up for their peers, their mental health tends to be more at risk. That is why we have designed the MindEm Programme.

The MindEm Programme strives to bring about fundamental change in how children, parents and childcare staff understand and deal with bullying behaviour.  Evidence shows us that by modelling and teaching children to focus on altruistic behaviours amongst their peers, we can prevent escalating bullying issues. Positive behavioural management is a key reinforcement for mental health and well-being.

The MindEm Programme provides simple strategies and methodologies to effect such change, so that children adopt invaluable life skills and providers don’t find themselves spending hours of valuable administrative time dealing with complaints. 

MindeEm is now as at September 2018 being rolled out in After School Centres.

For details and bookings contact
Eileen Derby
on 086-220 08 41.

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