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Aug 01, 2016 01.08.16 18:09 Age: 8 yrs

NABC transitions to abi

The Companies Registration Office approved in July 2016 change of the name of the company from its previous designation NABC - National Anti-Bullying Coalition Ltd. to abi - Anti-Bullying Institute CLG. The previous name reflected the lobbying aspects of NABC's work at the beginning of its activities. These constituted an important contribution towards the development of new guidelines for Irish schools, which the DES passed in 2014 with its Guidelines for Schools on Anti-Bullying Procedures. The work has shifted notably since that time more towards delivering student and teacher training, supporting schools in framing best practice policy, collecting and analyzing data and preparing statistics on bullying (research). The new name for the company reflects this change in the focus of our work, and communicates to clients and the general public a clearer impression of our main activities.

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