Jan 25, 2013 25.01.13 19:55 Age: 8 yrs

New look for NABC

The new NABC logo is a hand held up as a STOP sign. It can be taken to mean 'STOP engaging in bullying behaviour towards others.' It can also be taken to mean 'Learn to say STOP to bullying behaviour wherever you see it' and 'Learn to say STOP if you experience bullying behaviour yourself.'

The new website promotes the NABC O.K. Kids School Programme. This programme tackles the problem of bullying in our schools by providing a comprehensive range of training, awareness-raising, advice and specific intervention assistance when needed, for teaching staff, management, parents and students. The O.K. School Programme supports the institutionalisation of a No-Blame, No-Anger approach to resolving conflict and bullying situations in schools, using safe disclosure and resolution strategies in accordance with best practice.

The HELP section of the new website offers guidance to parents, students, teaching staff and others affected by bullying as well as providing contact details for Help Lines and Links to useful educational and child welfare websites.

The NABC lobbies for the provision of a mandatory effective anti-bullying programme that is monitored annually, in all schools throughout Ireland.

Donations can be made to support the work of the NABC and local businesses are invited to sponsor the running of the O.K. School Programme at a school in their neighbourhood. Businesses that make this financial commitment, as Patrons of an O.K. School Programme, are mentioned as sponsors in NABC’s publications, on the website, on school posters and on other information sharing materials and their donations are tax deductible.

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